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Welcome to VIP Port St Lucie Escort Service, the most prestigious escort service agency in Port St Lucie and South Florida, also known as VIP Port St Lucie Escorts and Elite Port St Lucie Escorts. Back in 1999 our first web site: "Elite Miami Escorts" was created, we focused on finding elite escorts for VIP clients. Back in those days we only serviced Miami / Fort Lauderdale areas. A few years later we expanded to Boca Raton, FL and began to offer the most beautiful Miami escorts, Fort Lauderdale escorts and Boca Raton escorts.

Elite Miami Escorts  |  Elite Fort Lauderdale Escorts  |  Elite Boca Raton Escorts

Many VIP clients in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Port St Lucie areas could not find VIP escort services and elite escorts in their area. We had no choice but to expand to Palm Beach and Port St Lucie areas and  to offer the best Palm Beach escorts & Port St Lucie escorts.

Elite Palm Beach Escorts  |  Elite Port St Lucie Escorts

VIP clients loved our models and wanted to see them again and again. Many clients were asking us to fly our escorts to other cities, so they can see them again. We decided not to send our gorgeous escorts to other States but to make South Florida the best place to meet the most beautiful escort girls and we expanded our services to West Coast of South Florida:

Elite Marco Island Escorts  |  Elite Naples Escorts  |  Elite Bonita Springs Escorts  |  Elite Fort Myers Escorts

We became a number one South Florida escort service agency!

We began to hire only the best of the best female models who wanted to meet only VIP clientele in South Florida. This is why the new names: VIP South Florida Escorts and Elite South Florida Escorts were added to our network:

VIP Miami Escorts  |  VIP Miami Beach Escorts  |  VIP Fort Lauderdale Escorts  |  VIP Boca Raton Escorts

VIP Palm Beach Escorts  |  VIP Port St Lucie Escorts  |  VIP Naples Escorts  |  VIP Fort Myers Escorts

The time went by and we began to have more requests to meet our top quality escorts than we could handle and the hourly rates were increased. No client ever wanted to see escort girls from any other agency. Since there is a very limited number of calls that we can handle per day and per week in order to maintain the highest quality service, we can only work with the most VIP clientele and deliver them the highest quality escorts. We decided to expand our internet presence and add an additional appropriate names to our VIP South Florida Escort Service network:

VIP Miami Escort Service  |  VIP South Beach Escort Service  |  VIP Miami Beach Escort Service

VIP Fort Lauderdale Escort Service  |  VIP Boca Raton Escort Service  |  VIP Palm Beach Escort Service

VIP West Palm Beach Escort Service  |  VIP Port St Lucie Escort Service  |  VIP Naples Escort Service

Of course we love our original name: Elite Miami Escorts and we decided to expand our network by adding new sites with perfect names to describe our service:

Elite Miami Escort Service  |  Elite South Beach Escort Service  |  Elite Miami Beach Escort Service

Elite Fort Lauderdale Escort Service | Elite Boca Raton Escort Service | Elite Palm Beach Escort Service

Elite West Palm Beach Escort Service   |   Elite Naples Escort Service   |   Elite South Florida Escort Service

In 2009 we paid thousands of dollars to purchase top-level domain for our company. We can now proudly call ourselves as

Elite Escort Service -

Please note that every model that you see on our websites work on exclusive arrangement with our agency. We can ensure you that you will never be able to find our gorgeous escort girls elsewhere. Check out the model requirements listed in employment section of our site to see for yourself. All photographs the you see on our web sites are 100% real, recent and provide true representation of female models employed by Elite Escort Service agency. The "Photo Gallery" sections of our web sites are updated weekly, be sure to check them on a regular basis to see the high quality portfolios of our new escort girls.


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